Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Jeans: Vintage GUESS via Up Six ; Blouse: Book of Deer ; Necklace: Downton Abbey Jewellry Collection

Hanging out with Little Girl on the porch today, I decided to take some photos of my outfit. Last spring I made the promise to my parents that if they bought the paint, I would re-paint and re-decorate the porch. I picked out a creamy yellow for the walls and a pale blue for the trim and got to work in June after I got home from Paris. But painting is boring, and my boyfriend refused to help me, so I found myself sitting alone on a ladder on the porch, listening to The Current, and feeling very sorry for myself. I had to give in on the project in September when school started, around the time I was finishing up the second coat & about to begin touch ups, so it remains an unfinished project. Just the other week I hauled the paint back up and have been continuing with the touch ups. After that, sanding and painting the floor! But then it will be complete and I'll be able to sleep on the couch out there this summer.

Way back when I first Pinterest, one of my first pins to my Style & Fashion board was this pin of some girl in high-waisted jeans, a button down, and her hair in a bun. I fell in love with it and always kept it in the back of my head as inspiration. When I got dressed this morning, I channeled that look, but a tad more girly.

It's very '90s, the only thing that would make it more '90s would be a strand of fake pearls around my neck. (Seriously though - pastel blouses, chunky cardigans, floral skirts, and a strand of fake pearls is THE quintessential nineties look....aside from anything high-waisted jeans.)

Let's talk about this blouse for a minute. I found Book of Deer via Views of Now and fell in love with her A/W 2013 collection, Selkie & the Sea. So much great seaside, nautical inspiration! I'm completely in love with all of Book of Deer designer Eilidh Ho's creations. All of her prints are beautifully hand drawn and sewn into adorable blouses, drape-y dresses, and cute mini skirts.

I spent a good three days ooooh-ing and aaaahh-ing before picking out what piece from the collection I wanted to buy. Although I was massively in love with the Selkie Dress, I decided the cut was a bit too juvenile for my style at the moment. Everyday I struggle to be taken seriously as a 5 foot adult with porcelain pale skin, curly hair, and bright green eyes (trust me, it's the worst combination for trying to look your age). So instead, I went for the Village Blouse. The illustrations half remind me of Santorini, Greece, and half remind me of something out of a Hemingway novel. A mixture of whimsical and dark, summery and foreboding.

Dirty feet - a reminder of how absolutely disgusting my porch actually is! At nearing 100 years old, it's lopsided and warped with loads of cracks and splinters, allowing dirt and grim to collect everywhere. After I'm finished painting, it will need to be kept up pretty well if we want the new interior to last!

And to end with Little Girl. She's such a fatty! The other night I spotted her sitting up against the door frame like this, watching Harry Potter (side note: I was watching Harry Potter, too, which ya'll know if you've been following the live-tweets of my complete Potter marathon last weekend). I realized that I had only seen the final movie once (in France back in 2011 when it premiered), so it was fun to re-watch. I'm a die-hard fan but I haven't read the books in such a long time that I've realized a re-read is in desperate order! I've got three books of poetry to finish before I'm letting myself so much as touch Sorcerer's Stone though!



  1. I hate the HP films, they destroyed it. I love high waisted jeans so I love your outfit and the sleeve detail is marvellous

    1. I like the films for what they are. It would have been impossible to please every fan. I'm sure my interpretation of Harry Potter - the world, the characters, etc - is very different from yours. It's better to look at the Potter movie franchise as different artists' interpretations of Harry Potter, rather than what Potter is SUPPOSED to be. I think they did an excellent job of bringing that entire world to life.

    2. The world yes but the characters, not so much. Which is pretty important

    3. Eh, I'd argue that even the characters are very interpretive! I mean, of course in their looks, but also in their personality. Obviously when you watch a movie, the characters have to be much more real and 3D than in a book. I didn't always like how they portrayed the characters - Sirius Black, for example, and the second Dumbledore - but I can appreciate those interpretations anyways, as long as I still hold on to my own.

  2. I love your yellow with blue trim! Darling blouse!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lookin damn cool as always, Chloe!
    I try to avoid reading Harry Potter, but only because I'm left with a gaping hole in my heart when I'm through </3


    1. Rachel! I was just thinking about how it's been a while since I've seen you around the blog. Glad to have you back xx

      And yes, I keep watching & reading them, only because I hope that every time, they'll leave me a little more fulfilled and a little less depressed about how empty I now feel. And, I keep having Potter-related dreams now! I just had one last night where I was "The Chosen One" and people kept trying to sell me over to Voldemort so he could kill me. I was pleading with people and threatening them NOT to turn me over. I remember I kept saying, "I am in GRAVE danger." Haha! Oh jeez....


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