Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I am so darned pleased with the reception that Of North is already receiving! I've been a bit nervous about making this change, taking this step, and so I appreciate the kind reception that the new blog has already been receiving. I'm still working out a few kinks. There's a new Bloglovin' that you have to follow for updates and I guess it isn't so easy to change the name & URL of a Facebook page, so I also created a new FB page for Of North. I've decided to keep my Twitter handle the same - a little bit of Urban Tease must remain, just for the memories. I'm hoping that I don't lose any followers in the dust by making all of these changes and switching platforms.

The thing that I'm possibly most excited about as I begin writing Of North is a new partnership with BOODWAH! Jayne is a fantastic seamstress from the UK who's creating loads of beautiful vintage and dance inspired pieces out of lovely stretch velvets and other fun prints. She sent me this pair of leopard paneled shorts among a few other pieces to bring on my trip to Arizona next week, but I wanted to get some photos with them for the launch of the blog. I thought - there's no better way to ring in the new blog than with a new pair of shorts!

Since it's so bloody cold out (and about 6 feet of snow), I stayed in to take the photos, playing up my inner pin up which is also like one of my top favourite things to do, especially when it's my day off and freezing out. As couch photos (or stair photos) are more intimate, I thought it would be a good time for some real talk. Also, necessary as my life has taken a major change and I feel like I should address it! 

For my end of the year post at my old blog (I feel like I'll be linking back there quite a bit!), I talked about how 2013 will always remain the year that I was madly in love with my boyfriend, Jesse. As many of you know, as I've spoken candidly about it on the blog, Jesse has had a lot of health issues lately, requiring a lot of treatment and out patient care. In the end, this was a lot of strain on our relationship. He called me last week to let me know that things were through and he didn't love me anymore. Quite unfortunately, I still love him loads and so this news has been difficult for me to stomach. However, in the end, there's no point in wasting your time trying to be with someone who doesn't love you, and so I am moving on also - to bigger and better things!

That makes me sound very calm and composed about the whole breakup. I am not. I've been a slug for the past few weeks (our relationship began breaking down very suddenly a few weeks ago), mostly parking myself in front of the TV or in bed, moping and feeling sorry for myself. Jesse was the first boy in my life who I felt very truly in love with and the first who I formed such a strong bond with. He was my best friend. He treated me like heaven and even though times were very difficult for the past several months due to his health issues, I never once regretted being his girlfriend or wished for things to be any different. Maybe one day he and I can talk things over, but he's never much been one for communication, and so here I am, stuck in my own head about the whole thing, moping and watching re-runs of Arrested Development

I'm trying to give myself a boost by connecting with some old friends, focusing on the blog, searching for a job, and thinking up all the crafts I'm going to do after I kick this sudden cold that has plagued my body. Also, as Jesse declared the relationship bust, I canceled my flight to visit his family in Reno, and now have over $500 in free flight credit. I'm planning a trip to Seattle in May and Disneyworld/Harry Potter World in December! Travel always gets me amped up to keep moving.

I was just checking the 10-day forecast for Scottsdale, AZ and am looking at some pretty decent weather for while I'm there! Upper 70s & sunny - I'll take it! I'm already planning to pack my other goodies from BOODWAH but hmmm what else? I haven't dressed for summer in over 6 months - it will be difficult not to go overboard! I also haven't bought myself anything new in months, and I just got a fat bonus from my underpaid internship, so I'm hoping I don't go overboard shopping while in Scottsdale! I hear they have a 9% sales tax on everything. I feel like that will hold me back on shopping. I've been spoiled as Minnesota doesn't have sales tax on clothes.

I'm going to go mope for a bit now. I've got such a cold that it's not really motivating me to do much (on top of the break up). What are your favourite break up or general feeling-sorry-for-yourself movies?

Thanks again to everyone who has been checking out Of North and following the new blog on our new social media platforms. I've got so many plans ahead for Of North - but what do you want to see from the blog? Was there any aspect of Urban Tease that you especially enjoyed? And thanks again to BOODWAH for helping me kick off Of North with these awesome possum new shorts!


  1. So pretty, I wish I could photograph you <3

  2. So sorry to hear about you and your bf, It seems tough but you have a good head on your shoulders and I'm happy you're immersing yourself in other things :) I'm also super jealous of those trips, I've been wanting to go to Disney/Universal for forever! Also, those shorts look fabulous on you.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your bf breaking up with you :( You guys seemed so in love and he seemed really good for you but any guy who doesn't stick around, obviously isn't good for you! A new, more wonderful guy will be waiting in your future :)

    Also, loving the new blog. I'm excited to see more diverse posts but I'm also hoping you keep posting outfit pictures! That's one of the things I really liked about your other blog, your style is always evolving and you fearlessly wear whatever you want and it's very inspiring!

  4. Gah you are such a stud!
    I'm sorry that life has been hard lately. I def listen to Counting Crows and indulge in some "life is hard" cries whenever life kicks my butt.
    Looking forward to more posting from you!


  5. Chloe, I love the new blog! I'm so excited to read about extra little snippets from your life and your mind :) I love your style posts and I love your writing, but I'd also love to see some more lifestyle type posts if that's something you fancy doing!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your breakup. Break ups are the worst, I think it should be standard to get time off work for them. I recommend lots of moping and watching teen films about friendship (not about boys!) I watched Romy and Michele's High School reunion last week when I was sick and it cheered me up :) Have an amazing time travelling too.

    p.s. you have the most incredible legs!


  6. Chloe! I promise you I have been to Of North no less than 4 times, every time starting to read and then leaving and starting again but never dropping you a line! I love the new look so far...and since I have literally been following along with you for approx. 4 years, I will continue to!!

    These pictures are gorgeous! I cannot get over how lovely your curls look, especially in the picture where they're draping down (does this sound creepy? Sorry. I don't know how else to describe that specific pic) love the shorts too! I would say I just wish you could wear them in real life, but knowing you, I'm sure we'll see them in an outfit soon :D

    I am so sorry to hear about things with Jesse. I am constantly impressed by how you are able to deal with your emotions (esp. publicly! wow!) and just keep moving along. Sometimes it frightens me that I have never really dealt with any major trauma/grief, because I don't know how in the hell I will be able to if/inevitably when I do. You are a rockstar, and such a beautiful girl inside and out (okaayyyyy sorry for the disgusting cliche but for realz) maybe I can update this statement to say you're a BABE and have a BANGIN' MIND to match. There.

    I think a trip to AZ will be awesome for you...being in sunshine makes me the most effortlessly happy. Plus maybe it's best to get out of MN for while. Can't wait to hear about your adventures there! Enjoy your trip!!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  7. I recently have changed my blog around, switched urls, bloglovin and everything so I understand where you are coming from. I really love your blog, you're stunning and your style is amazing!


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