Sunday, July 20, 2014

My First Week on Instagram

I finally got a smart phone and joined Instagram, after being nagged by friends for some time now. I was thinking that I'd just use it as a blogging tool, but I've actually been enjoying capturing random bits of my life. I'm definitely not a #selfie Instagram-er (can you believe that considering how self-involved I am?!!?!?!). I think I took one selfie so far. I'm much more into cats, cars, and other random little things I'm encountering in my life. I'm training myself to keep my phone near me to snap some photos whenever I see something interesting (cars! cats! flowers! fabric!). Follow me at @chloeahlf for more updates! 

Here are some snippets from my first week on Instagram:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Jungle Friday

Shirt: Ann Taylor via Arc's Value Village ; Skirt: Spell Designs ; Sandals: something from the kid's section of JC Penny's

I don't usually work my internship job on Fridays, but my supervisor asked me to come in today, so I did, making the executive decision that casual Friday called for some zebra & leopard print (do I have my animals right?). And also, apparently some major side splits! I didn't realize that the skirt had splits up the sides quite like this when I bought it at Spell Designs the other week. A little too much for work, but no regrets! Such a hot skirt and so perfect for summer. I got a bad sunburn on my upper-right thigh this past week and wearing nylon stockings was irritating it to bad. This nice flowy skirt lets the air in and is gonna be perfect for hot summer days (once they arrive).

The summer has been super mild and I have to be finding excuses to dress summery when it's overcast and barely 70 degrees. Oh, Minnesota....or oh, climate change? I definitely envisioned this summer to be only short shorts and crop tops, and that really hasn't happened yet.

So much to do, so little time. I have nothing more to say. In lieu of words, please just bow down to the glory of this skirt. xx

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Interview with Jess from Jessthetics

The mega-fab, awesomely babely Jess at Jessthetics interviewed me for her Blogger Favourites feature. She asked some really great, hard-hitting questions about why I started blogging, how I found feminism, and why I'm so open & honest in my writing.