Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Ugh so HOW BADLY do I absolutely need this X-Files top by rustycuts in my closet? SO badly, that's how. Unfortunately when I went to link to it, some lesser-X-Files-fan had already bought it (dang it, I'm too hesitant of a shopper). But seriously. I don't think that I've ever needed a shirt more in my life than I need this one. Just be on my body now, please.

Emily of The Freckled Fox made a daring post about her post-partum transformation. She gave birth to her fourth baby and, 16 weeks later, had a seriously banging bod and some crazy intense back muscles. I'm so inspired by this and she gives me huge motivation to get back to my workout DVDs and gain some guns to show for it. I didn't just push another being out of my body, so I really have no excuse to not be working out every day.

Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky shared her grandmother's legacy - and fur parka - in her "Call of the Wild" post. It's a wonderful story about her grandmother as a midwife in Alaska, plus Elizabeth looks completely stunning in the heirloom parka.

This article about 21 Things You Suddenly Start Wanting in Your Mid-20s only confirmed that I'm way older than my 20 years show for. A job where you have to wear something nice? Check. Time to browse home goods sites? Ugh, my guilty pleasure! Dinner parties? Don't mind if I do. A blender? I use that everyday for smoothies. A calendar? Yeah, I have a wall calendar and yeah, I use it all the time, thank you.

 Tori completely re-designed her blog Tori's Tales & it has officially relaunched! The design is fab and her first post is lovely. I met Tori in London last June & she's absolutely a doll. I miss that lady so much!

 It's been really warm out the past few days (close to 50°F). The snow banks are melting, the streets are bone dry, and people are actually out and about! Today I saw a couple out for a bike ride, and so many people are out for walks. It's so beautiful to see people out and about enjoying the weather! (And yeah, I've gotten out my fair share, too, don't worry!

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  1. I wrote a big long message in bed last night but my phone decided to mess up as I tried to send so I thought I'd best wait til morning to try again!

    Lady (haha, standard usage there!), there I was, oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over your picks (I mean, um, hello? How amazing was Emily's willpower? And I've always been so in love with Elizabeth's hair!), when I happened upon my name and pulled this face :O Thank you so much for including me, it warms my soul. You are the absolute best and, boy, do I miss you like crazy too. Skype date soon, yes?!

    Sounds like the weather has been good to us all recently - it's 8:24am here and the sun is shining; it makes for far happier dispositions and far easier days to manage!

    Oh, and I love the leaves. Perfect idea.



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