Sunday, April 6, 2014

Evil Eye at Golden Hour

Boots: Doc Martens ; Skirt: Lily White; Cardigan: Halogen ; Crop top: Swaychic ; Necklace: Downton Abbey Collection (yeah, you read that right) ; Bracelet: c/o Alexandra Inn ; Purse: vintage

April came to us in the form of a downpour of snow. It looked like a Christmas card outside and I was almost thinking that it was December and we'd soon be trimming the tree and baking cookies... Okay, not for another 8 months, but the fresh snow definitely left me in a bit of a mood for the holidays! Since then, the weather has been in the 50s and absolutely beautiful! Today I wore a sweater and jacket on my walk up to church and had to strip the jacket off on my way home because it was so muggy out. But let's not talk about today. Let's talk about Friday, which is when I wore this outfit! I was going to the Science Museum to see the new Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit. It was a great exhibit featuring loads of new discoveries and some pretty hilarious dinosaurs, including two with tiny little arms with no joints, sticking out backwards instead of frontwards. When I was a kid, I was pretty heavy into dinosaurs. I got out of the phase in middle & high school, and now that I'm post-grad, I've been getting back into them. Seriously, dinosaurs are so amazingly cool. Imagine if they were still around today (but not in a Jurassic Park way)....

Enough on dinosaurs (for now). I wanted to look all cool and museum-worthy, so I decided to wear this Egyptian crop top from SwayChic, paired with a cardigan to make it bookish, and a long skirt to make it bohemian. And combat boots to make it me. Bam.

In addition to the Egyptian crop top, I wore a necklace that I got from the Downton Abbey Jewelry Collection. It's referred to as a "Petite Edwardian Collar Necklace" but it's clear that it has some Egyptian culture undertones to it. I love the onslaught of Ancient Egyptian inspired pieces that occurred in the 1920s after the finding of King Tut's tomb, and this 1920s inspired necklace really grabbed me when I saw it online.

After the dinosaur exhibit, my friend and I went to the "Human Body Gallery" (isn't that the creepiest exhibit name ever?) to see the mummy on display. It's a bit weird to be at the museum looking at this mummy that dates back to the 1500s and having a plaque next to it telling you that it was picked up by (and donated to the museum by) the Crosby family while on vacation to Cairo. Imagine being on vacation and saying, "Honey, we should pick up some nice souvenirs from our about a 14th century mummy?" Where do you buy a mummy? I imagine it to be some sort of back alley deal, with a sleazy con-man and all sorts of other shady things. Imagine trying to get a mummy past customs today! The plaque at the museum went into detail about how, back in the '20s when there was such a renewed interest in Egyptian culture, a lot of fake mummies were sold to travelers, passed off as being authentic from Ancient Dynasties. The one at the museum has been proven authentic, but it's so fascinating to know all this background information. It all seems so shady, like illegal drugs and all of the synthetic stuff that goes around today. Except with dead people.

Since we were off to look at fossils and mummies, I also wore this new skull bracelet from Alexandra Inn. This is most definitely my new favourite piece of jewelry. I love all of the little skull beads. It reminds me of the bone church (or the Sedlec Ossuary) in Kutnรก Hora, Czech Republic. Every time I look at it on my wrist, my mind wanders to beautiful Czech Republic with the red roofs and the Charles Bridge and the breathtaking view from Saint Barbara's Church. My body has been growing restless with a need to travel. After I buy a car, one of the first things I'm doing is taking a road trip. I need to be out on the road, headed somewhere and nowhere at the same time. My soul aches for that once more.

I'm really excited for spring so that I can wear maxi skirts! I used to think that I was too short to wear maxi skirts, but I've pushed past that barrier and am experimenting with them now. I think that this is the third one I've bought in the past few months! Once when the ground gets drier, I'm going to try wearing them to the office - I think I can spin something with a button down and make it work.

How do you guys feel about maxi skirts & dresses? I used to think that - besides being too short to wear them - they were absolutely atrocious and unflattering. Now I like them and the bohemian vibes they contribute to an outfit.

I had to include this photo of me smiling! I always look so surly on the blog - when in real life, I'm pretty smiley and cheerful.

It's Sunday! What do you have planned for the week? My parents are out of town so I have to run the house for the week. I'm also hoping to sneak in a few movie nights and host dinner for my friends! Since I'm living with my parents, I don't usually get to entertain friends. But since they're out of town, I thought it would be nice to have some people over and act as host for once! Everybody have a lovely Sunday and to my US friends - don't forget to catch Call the Midwife on PBS tonight! xx


  1. I've always been a big fan of Ancient Egyptian everything so I really like the top and necklace and the history you gave behind it. I knew it already but it's nice that someone else has taken an interest in it, sometimes if I mention a bit of history, I get people rolling their eyes at me. As for maxi skirts, I'm only 5ft and thought I was too short to wear it. I own 1 maxi dress and would like another but usually stay clear, I have to now shorten a maxi skirt I got in a swap because I kept tripping up. Also I live in an area of really religious people and wearing a long skirt is quite frumpy and dowdy here and people think you might be Orthodox. Plus that and I would probably have to wear heels which hurt my ankle to wear them. So I would like another one but for the moment I'm not desperate for one and I would probably still have to shorten it. Oh the woes of the short heighted

    1. I'm only 5' as well, so I feel your pain! This skirt miraculously fit perfect. My maxi dress is pretty short, too. Actually, I knew that because all of the reviews online complained about how short it was! And my other maxi skirt is, I don't think, supposed to be maxi. But it fits me as such, so I like it! I don't think you should let the cultural restraints of your area stop you from trying new styles. Hem the skirt and rock it, regardless of what your community might think of you! (:

  2. I think you look great in maxi skirts and (in the pictures at least) make you look a little taller! Also, I'm loving that shirt - I was obsessed with all things Egyptian as a child and I think that part of that still lives on! Also, I can totally see the 1920's/Egypt hybrid going on with that necklace - it is beautiful!


  3. Hi Chloe! I love the Egyptian crop-top and I can't imagine what would be more fitting for a museum trip! I was definitely obsessed with Egyptian history at one point.

    just like you- I've just barely gotten on the maxi skirt train. I think they look great on others, but I've always had anxiety about the length (like- is it too long for me that I'll step on it, but if I buy a petite will it be a little too short to be a maxi?) I finally bought one though! hoping to get some good use out of it this summer.

    hope you enjoy the week kinda having your own house! I'm busy working on some events for work, it's only Monday but I think it's gonna be a crazy busy week. hoping I can remember everything.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  4. I love this outfit! It always kills me when I'm out shopping and I see rows of maxi skirts/dresses and I always think I'm too short too (I'm only 5'1) but you showed me that maybe I can rock them!! Even though, I do find that some of them are just TOO long, I'd have to get them tailored which is something I never do. I find this with jeans too, unless they're from some high(er) end store, they tend to be too long. Ugh, the struggles of being short!

    1. Girl, I hear ya on the short issues! This skirt miraculously fit me, though I'm thinking that I'm wearing it higher up on my waist than it was manufactured to be intended. I hem every thing I buy, it's such a hassle! Sometimes I just want to buy a pair of pants and wear them immediately, without having to sew them up a few inches.


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