Wednesday, April 9, 2014

past performance

Skirt: Lily White ; Sneakers: Converse ; Cardigan: Halogen ; Crop top: Topshop ; Belt: Vintage

Today was the fourth day in a row that I had the windows open all day. I took a couple of walks, made sun tea, and read on the back deck. I'm flying - spring time is here and so far, it's very beautiful!

The most exciting part of springtime so far, besides the open windows, is the clothes. Cropped pants, skirts, tennis shoes, light shirts - goodbye chunky boots and double layer of sweaters! Oh and that parka? Gone till November. As you can see, this knit maxi skirt is out again (well, I dragged it through a giant puddle, so it's in the wash right now), and I decided to play up the knitwear with some casual kicks and a crop top. To warm it up, I layered a cardigan on top and belted it. The silhouette is reminding me of a late-1910s, early-1920s look - except with tennis shoes, a slit up the side, and a crop top. (Oh, and the Twenties was when knitwear started becoming mainstream so that's fitting, right? Maybe I'm stretching this too far.) Just think very early 1920s silhouette.

So besides the silhouette, I'm loving the colour scheme of this outfit. This maroon cardigan is one of the best purchases I've made in ages because the rich colour goes with everything. By cinching it in with the gold belt, it emphasized a long, lean silhouette and made it Gryffindor colours, so double win.

How are you guys enjoying the change in seasons in your part of the world (whether that's winter to summer, or summer to winter)? There's definitely a piece of me that's come alive with the fresh weather! Today I made tortellini soup (my hands are going to smell like garlic for daaaayyys) and took a nap with the windows open and the fresh air (and sounds of spring!) coming through.

On Friday, I'm spending my whole day baking and cooking, and then having friends over in the evening for a big dinner! I finally narrowed down the menu to soup, salad, and chicken. And generous helpings of guacamole. I found a recipe for Boris Karloff's guac recipe which I obviously now need to try (it has sherry in it!). I'm hoping that this motivation to try new things sticks with me throughout spring and summer. Cooking is something I need to start doing more of.

Tonight I'm sleeping with both windows open, sprawled in bed with two cats and dreaming of all the great things coming up in my life. Wherever you are, I hope you're having wonderful weather and getting excited about the little things in life xx


  1. I am so grateful for the warmer weather! Trying to enjoy it before it gets too hot to breathe in SC!
    I love this outift, you are WEARIN that skirt.


  2. I love garlic and cook with it almost every meal. I would cultivate it if I had the patience, I love the stuff. I have a love/hate relationship with spring and summer. I love the weather but can't dress for it. I never show my midriff so I do wear cropped tops but over dresses or with severely high waisted jeans which I can tuck them in to. Bare arms are great, I can do that. But the worst thing is wearing shorts. I hate shorts. I can only feel comfortable wearing them with tights. I love tights, if its too hot to wear them, I'll wear that one maxi dress or loose trousers. My legs most definitely look better in tights and I simply can't show bare leg above the knee which makes me anxious to wear usual length dresses without tights. I really struggle to dress for warmer weather, in a way, it's too casual for how I usually dress and bare legs just make me feel uncomfortable :(

    1. My hands STILL smell like garlic! I haven't been able to eat the soup because the smell of my hands is so off-putting haha

      Don't feel so self conscious about your body! Wear what you want, wear it with confidence, and you'll wear it well. I bet your legs look fab with or without tights. I know my legs are ridiculously pale and vein-y, but I don't let that stop me from wearing whatever I want, and you shouldn't let any of your insecurities stop you either. You'll find that you're the only one who notices them, in the end.

  3. Love the outfit and love the all stars paired with it! :)


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