Sunday, July 20, 2014

My First Week on Instagram

I finally got a smart phone and joined Instagram, after being nagged by friends for some time now. I was thinking that I'd just use it as a blogging tool, but I've actually been enjoying capturing random bits of my life. I'm definitely not a #selfie Instagram-er (can you believe that considering how self-involved I am?!!?!?!). I think I took one selfie so far. I'm much more into cats, cars, and other random little things I'm encountering in my life. I'm training myself to keep my phone near me to snap some photos whenever I see something interesting (cars! cats! flowers! fabric!). Follow me at @chloeahlf for more updates! 

Here are some snippets from my first week on Instagram:


  1. Hooray for being on Instagram now! I just went ahead and followed you!

  2. Gah I discovered your blog merely five minutes ago and already my life feels a little bit changed.

    1. Ana! Thank you for your sweet comment <3


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