Monday, March 31, 2014

Head On

Jeans: Levi's ; Crop top: c/o ANTHOM ; Necklace: c/o Alexandra Inn ; Belt: Guatemala

This week-end we had the most lovely weather in months. It reached over 60°F, which it hasn't been since October, and I spent much of the week-end outdoors. I even got to re-pot a houseplant on the back deck without getting chilled to the bone and feeling miserable. Today it's freezing and sleeting, but that's okay. That's just how Minnesota is. I feel a bit stupid because, despite being out in the lovely weather, I didn't take any photos for the blog. And so, today I got stuck inside taking photos which is not easy as my house is void of sunlight or good spaces for photos. So, we get these not-quite full length shots of less-than superb quality. Let's call the grittiness of the high ISO "artsy".

Moving forward, I'm at home getting some stuff done today, so I'm pretty casual. I'm wearing these Levi jeans that I bought at the second-hand store in December. I had bought them for my boyfriend at the time, but when he tried them, he couldn't get them up very far at all. I'm a bad judge of size! So now I wear them as my baggy-whatever jeans. They're super comfortable, but then again, I wear "mom jeans" all the time, so that's that. I'm not sure where I cross the line from fashion to comfort with my "mom jeans", but at least I'm not wearing sweatpants in public! Right?

Let's talk jewelry here for a moment. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer and usually just stick to my usual mix of pendant necklaces. I'm not sure why, as when I was a kid, I was always bedazzled head-to-toe in accessories. But now, as an adult who can actually wear sensible and classy jewelry, I just don't. So getting to my point: I was excited when I was emailed by Alex of Alexandra Inn about the potential for a collaboration. Her jewelry is really lovely and simple, which I love. My clothes are usually so flashy that I can't wear flashy jewelry also. I really loved Alex's pieces with bits of colour in them, and so I was delighted when I opened the package to find that she had sent this wonderful little skull pendant! I love pink, of course, and I love skulls, so it's perfect for me. I think I can even get away with wearing it to the office! 

I'm excited to show off the other pieces that she sent over, including this equally awesome skull bracelet and little blue bobble earrings. Do you guys wear jewelry much? I need tips on how to integrate it into my wardrobe better!

Since this is a good shot of the top, let's talk about it. I think that everybody in the world has owned a turtleneck tank top at some point in their life, except me, so now I can say that I do. What's the point of a turtleneck tank top? I have no idea. My interpretation of a tank top is to keep you cool in warm weather, while my interpretation of a turtleneck is to keep your warm in cool weather. It seems silly to put them together, entirely in the name of fashion, but oh well. In the name of fashion, I am wearing a turtleneck tank top because, honestly, I like the look of them. I feel like some chic-and-mysterious French lady.

p.s. This top is from ANTHOM and on sale, so you know what to do! Click here to get your own and be a chic-and-mysterious French lady with me.

Actually, let's be real here. This outfit is sooooo much more '90s grunge/extra on My So-Called Life than chic-and-mysterious French lady. Turtleneck tank tops, you baffle me yet you have so much cultural relevancy!!!!

Can you tell that I was having some issues with editing these photos? I'm just so damned obsessed with myself that I couldn't weed out a few. And so, you get a surplus of nearly-identical photos of me, except a curl will be slightly out of place in one or my hand will be in a different pocket in another. The best part of having a personal blog is that I can over-expose myself as little or as much as I want. Obviously in today's case, I'm over-exposing myself a much as I want.

My Monday night is shaping up to be me on the couch with my cat Gogo. He's been at the vet all week-end with an infection. I'm expecting him home any minute, and hopefully he is already anticipating an overload of kisses from me. Cute little cat. I'm allergic to him, but yet I cannot get enough of him! How are you spending your Monday night?


  1. 1. Nothing is worse than leaving the house in a tracksuit
    2. I have to admit, not a fan of the top at all, never been tempted to try it
    3. I'm the same, I used to wear a tonne of sparkly jewellery when I as young and now I just don't bother. Having been without it for so long, I can't get used to all of them weighing me down. I compromise as I must have always have a pair of earrings but now I'm down to a few statement necklaces, a bunch of rings and a few bracelets/bangles. I wear those in moderation but I try to wear a ring for much of the time as though not to neglect those pretty shiny things

    1. Turtleneck tank tops never really appealed to me, but I thought it was a trend worth trying. I sort of like them in the end, which surprised me as I've been scrunching up my face at the very thought of them for years! I have a ton or really beautiful rings that I'd like to get into the habit of wearing more. Maybe I'll try that again!

  2. first- your hair looks extra amazing here! I wish we got a full shot of the pants, do they truly fit like boyfriend jeans?

    love the necklace. it's cool that it's dainty but still so edgy. this Monday night I helped my friend Emily with a psychology/video project where I ended up giving two guys a make-over. you just never know!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    1. Yes, they fit suuuuper boyfriend-ish! I love them. I'm definitely going to be running around in them a lot this summer.

      Sounds like a really interesting video, especially knowing that it's for a psychology class! What was the goal/outcome of the "experiment"?

    2. honestly I think it is a feminism thing- right up your alley! I put make-up on the guys and then we surprised them by how they looked at the end. they were kinda repulsed actually, but it was fun putting it on them as they marveled how long it took, and how much time and energy girls put into "making themselves up". that is the gist of what I got from it- I can share a link when it's done! but be prepared for my boisterous self commenting the whole way :)


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