Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goals for April

I decided to write down a list of my goals for April. I'm an extremely organized person and always have a million To-Do lists going at a time (but in a very organized way, of course), however I've never written down goals I'd like to accomplish in a more long-term approach. On one hand, I've done the year-long resolutions, which always prove too long and drawn out for me to achieve. And on the other hand, I've done the weekly goals, which have almost always proved successful. But what about slightly more long-term changes I want to make? Enter monthly goals. In the past I've made mental lists of changes I want to make with the start of a new season, but without writing this stuff down, it tends to all be lofty. And so here I am, documenting my goals and holding myself accountable for having had made them in the first place!

1. Finish two sewing projects. I'm absolutely dreadful about finishing projects once I've started them. I spent Sunday in my room hunched over the sewing machine, working on a dress I started crafting over a year ago and thinking to myself, "I have all of this damn fabric, why don't I ever use any of it?!" Indeed, I have more than two storage bins of fabric, yet not many handmade pieces to show for it. After I finish this dress I'm working on, I'm going to chose two more projects and finish them this month. I swear, I will.

2. Read (and finish) three books. This is another problem of mine. I think I have at least 3 books started right now, so I'd like to finish those up before starting on anything new! I cannot even remember the last time that I finished a book (yikes!).

3. Work out at least three times a week. In January & February I was working out 5 times a week, but all of this friend drama and general moping-around-feeling-sorry-for-myself really took away from the exercise regime I had going. I have a handful of work out DVDs, have pinned a dozen exercise routines, and subscribe to both Shape and Fitness magazines, so it's about time I start practicing what I preach (or at least what I subscribe to)!

4. Reconnect with old friends. This has been a fairly long term goal, actually. When my last boyfriend was sick last year, in and out of treatment and never really there for me, I made an effort to reconnect with some old friends to curb the loneliness and anxiety. I recently came to the realization that I don't like most of my "friends" - or the people I most regularly do stuff with - but I'm still extremely fond of some older friends from years back. It's been fab to reconnect with them, as they know me best of all people, and there's something extremely comforting about knowing that years might have passed, but that person is still, at their core, the same person they always have been. Old friends bring out a great joy and youthfulness in me, something that I've missed over the past couple of years of growing hard and cold.

Have you made any goals for April? Ye gods, I can scarcely even believe that it's April already!


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    1. Ha! I was going to blog about it later, but I'm re-reading my favourite book, "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" by Carson McCullers, and also working through "The Hobbit" and "Tender is the Night"!


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