Thursday, April 3, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Mandi of Making Nice in the Midwest posted this stunning tutorial on A Beautiful Mess about making your own geometric stencil to create a wallpaper effect. My brain lacks the proper functions (math! angles!) to ever execute something like this, but a girl can dream - and maybe one day when I'm feeling brave & cocky about my abilities, I will try it even!

Isabella of Views of Now shared this rad outfit. (I've been seeing people wearing that skort everywhere and I neeeeeed one!) This girl is seriously adorable and mature, putting my 16-year-old self to absolutely shame.

I'm obsessed with this mod two piece set that Carrie of WishWishWish styled here. I'm in the midst of re-watching the last season of Mad Men and I'm getting some serious Megan Draper vibes from Carrie's ensemble (and general being - she is seriously stunning).

Someone I follow on Pinterest pinned this fantastically dream-inducing art print by Elise Mahan. I'm not buying any wall art until I get my own place, but this one is definitely on the list. Don't you just want to be up on that mountain, close enough to the night sky that you could just reach up and stir around the Big Dipper?

 Have you heard of the androgynous early Twentieth century artist Claude Cahun? If you have or if you haven't, take a look at some of her portraits and read about how she fostered the avant-garde community and fought Nazis.

 I'm about to go have my sixth meal of the day (I'm feeling awesome by eating so much more often, by the way!) and watch the new episode of Parenthood. I originally began watching the show because I love Lauren Graham, but now I'm really involved with all of the characters and the beautiful dynamic of the whole family. Parenthood is easily the most underrated show on television right now.

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  1. Not a fan of the skort. I see them everywhere in Lookbook and find them so boring. But thanks for the article about Claude Cahun, I'll be looking up more of her stuff


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