Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I'm loving this look by Adriana of Fashion Avenue - a chic take on the 1940s, plus those leopard print heels? Uh, yes please.

I'm mega-excited to have ANTHOM back partnering with Of North! They have some amazing stuff in stock right now that has been really wishing for a fresh spring wardrobe (and adult-sized feet).

These succulents planted in neon pink rocks for Jen's baby shower fill me with smiles and a weird sense of whimsy and joy - yes, over succulents!

I got my copy of Frozen in the mail today so I'm going to settle down and watch that with my cat Gogo. I saw Frozen when it was out in theatres and completely loved it. It's smart writing with lovable characters (Olaf!) and it's a Disney princess story that I can actually stand behind. At the center of it is sisterly love & loyalty (something I know nothing about, quite frankly), and that's much more positive of a message than pretty much all other Disney princess movies give (change yourself for a man, leave your family for a man, sit around and wait for a man, instinctively do housework for a bunch of men, etc ya da ya da ya da....) (I love Disney movies, I'm just extremely critical of them and of the media we feed our children)

72 Truths "Friends" Taught You About Life in Your Twenties - I'm still learning these things but just reading this list makes me want to binge-watch Friends again - even though I just did in December

The other day I was watching my favourite Hollywood dance routines on YouTube (because I'm a spinster cat lady) and this video of Fred Astaire tearing it up at the 1970 Academy Awards popped up on the sidebar. Goodness gracious - he was 70 years old and still had incredible flexibility and rhythm - and was adorable as ever! Fred Astaire was the first actor from the golden ages of Hollywood that I fell in love with, and he will always remain my true love.


  1. had to watch this video- gosh it made me so happy. I hope I can move like that when I'm 70! or you know, today ;)

    amazing how easily he drops to his knees and back up! thanks for sharing Chloe!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    1. Have you seen Jackie Wilson dance? If you enjoy being massively jealous of limber men who can dance extremely well, then you must take a look at Jackie Wilson - plus he's a marvelous singer!


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