Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Well all right

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft ; Coat: Banana Republic ; Cardigan: Halogen ; Boots: c/o Sammydress

I love when I find things in my closet that I completely forgot I even had. The other day I was cleaning out my closet to bring some stuff to the consignment store, and I found this dress! I remember buying it at a thrift store a couple of years ago. I had seen the same dress at a garage sale in a size 6 and was completely devastated that I would never fit into it...and then I was at a thrift store a few weeks later, and one was there in a 0 petite - fate! Well, is it really fate if I wore it once and then completely forgot about it? Maybe. Fate is freaky like that.

Now that I've found it, I've worn it twice this week - to church on Sunday (when I took these photos) and to work on Tuesday. It's the perfect church/office dress as it's simple and functional, but has an awesome geometric design to add some interest. Plus, black & red is pretty much my favourite colour combination ever.

I wore it with this not-quite-the-same-shade-of-red cardigan from Nordstrom's Halogen brand and with my new boots from Sammydress. Oh, and this Banana Republic coat because lusssshhh.

I wanna talk about this coat for a minute. No idea why other than because it's perfect. I found it on a sale rack at a consignment store for something like $6. It's the perfect shade of grey, has beautiful paneling, silky lining, and is beautifully tailored to be sharp & crisp but not masculine, and it doesn't overpower my teeny tiny frame. Hi Banana Republic, you're doing it right.

It also has absolutely no thinsulate lining or anything else to keep it warm, so I only break it out on days when it's above freezing. But still - beautiful!

I managed to do victory rolls while under pressure on Sunday morning - and they didn't turn out half bad. I'm still working to perfect them (my hair is so damn thick, it makes it really difficult!) but I think these were a decent attempt and a woman at my church complimented me on them.

I need to buy a vintage hairstyling book and learn some new tricks. I was just watching that season 3 episode of Gilmore Girls with the 24-hour dance marathon, where everyone is dressed up like they're from WWII, perfectly coiffed hair and all. That kind of stuff makes my heart ache because I want to be it so bad.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who had absolute sweet things to say about my last post on being nice and helpful to others. I have to admit that I already slipped up and sent my friend's mother a fairly nasty email defending myself (I was trying to be polite and peaceful about it, but I just needed her to know how petty her words being petty back). I'm ashamed about it as I was trying so hard to keep my demeanor pleasant and act like the "bigger person" in this situation, but I sunk to her level and let my brashness get the best of me. But, I'm not holding onto that anger anymore and I guess that is good, even if I didn't get it out of me in the way that I should have.

What are your plans for Wednesday? I'm going to do some yoga and watch The Philadelphia Story while painting a bookcase that I bought eons ago (eons, 9 months, what's the difference?). Check back tomorrow for my round up of Things I Love Thursday! xx


  1. That dress is certainly lovely! I love the way that it fits you! And your hair is so perfect - I wish that I could get my hair to do that, but alas, mine is rather thick as well!

    And the dance marathon episode is my absolute favorite! I think it because it has all my favorite things: old school music, vintage clothes, and Jess. :)


    1. When you have thick hair, victory rolls can really really be a pain. I'm going to experiment with doing like...two smaller ones on each side (so four in all) some day when I'm not leaving the house and have hours to spend fiddling with my hair.

      And yes - that's the episode when Rory & Jess actually get together and it's GREAT.

  2. wow, what lucky thrifting finds lately! The dress and coat are both dreamy. And I have to say, even quickly done victory rolls look awesome! Hope to see pictures of your finished bookshelf. Hope you are having a lovely week, Chloe! Glad it's warming up where you are!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. Concerning the "friend" issue. If this friend is really going through as much as you indicate and this is something that has been going on for a long time, maybe the friend's mother is at the point where she doesn't feel as though it is her place to provide advice. Perhaps her response of "professional help might be the answer" was genuine and honest and the best advice she could offer. Obviously the situation is not known to me, nor are you or those individuals involved, but it sounds like it might be a little harsh to use words like "sinking to her level".

    1. Hi anon, yes that might be true but it's still upsetting when you put yourself in a very vulnerable place and speak to someone from your heart....and they tell you to leave them alone. But then again, I'm very sensitive and I've been told that I care too much, so perhaps it is just me being appalled by the behaviour of someone who is slightly less sensitive and cares only slightly less. It's very confusing!


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