Friday, May 30, 2014

Guest Blogging Series: Home by Jamie of Petite Panoply

I'm really excited that the next guest post of the "Home" series comes from Jamie of Petite Panoply! I've been reading her blog for the past couple of years and am obsessed with her. She's got great wit and quirky style - plus she's petite like me and you can't not love her fiery red hair. I'm so glad that she decided to guest blog about what home means to her - and as our first non-Brit of the series!

Hello everyone! I'm Jamie and I blog over at Petite Panoply. First, I'd love to thank Chloe for inviting me to guest blog on Of North. I really enjoy finding out about other people's lives and all the little differences (and similarities) between us. I'm excited to share some images and thoughts about one of my home towns with all of you, Athens, Georgia!

My home in the traditional sense is Lawrenceville, Georgia which is a suburb of Atlanta. I've lived in Georgia since the 6th grade but it's not where I'm "from." Does anybody else have a hard time answering that question? It's difficult when more than one place feels like home. My extended family is in Illinois, so that feels like home. I lived in Virginia as a kid, so that feels like home too. But Georgia is where my immediate family is so that's what I tell people - for now! Since a couple places feel like home for me I'll focus on my college town.

I lived in Athens, Georgia (which is even farther east) for 5 years during my time at the University of Georgia. It's such a great town! You may know it as the home of the B-52's and REM, but it also has tons of delicious food, fun concert venues, and a botanical garden down the street. It's a place with its own local flavor. The people who live there are hardcore supporters of local businesses and local music. You won't find many big chain stores in the downtown area and I think that makes the town really unique. One of my favorite local franchises is Jittery Joe's Coffee. They roast their own beans and make special roasts for different restaurants around town.

Athens now has two craft breweries that are frequented by students and townies alike. Terrapin Brewery is one of my favorite places to hang out. It has a laid back outdoor area and runs tours most days of the week. It's one of those places I'll be returning to Athens to visit in the future. Another brewery, Creature Comforts, just opened downtown too. I visited a few weeks back and it was tasty.

Athens is also a college town in the south so football is a big deal there. Saturdays in the fall are crazy as alumni and fans tailgate all over town, female students wear red & black dresses, and everyone yells, "Go dawgs!" at one another. I'm not a huge football fan but I was in the marching band in college so the atmosphere will always give me nostalgic feelings.

I'm feeling nostalgic writing about Athens because I have to move out of my apartment in a month or so. I'm glad I was able to share a little about my town with you though! Sure, I had plenty of days (in a row) where I didn't leave my apartment because I had so much school work to do, but the good memories will always be there. I’ll even miss my apartment with its undersized air conditioner and storage-less bathroom. If I had the chance I would absolutely live in Athens as a non-student. It's a fantastic place and definitely has become one of my homes.

Make sure you check out Jamie's blog Petite Panoply. It's one of my faves and if you're looking for some expert pattern mixing - she's your girl! Thanks again for sharing Georgia with us, Jamie!


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to guest post on your blog! <3

    1. And thank you for guest posting! After this, I'm definitely putting Georgia - specifically Athens? - on my list of places to visit in the next few years!


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