Saturday, May 31, 2014

Goals for June

May went by strangely slowly, only becoming fast-paced in the last couple of weeks. And I accomplished a lot. I did some fierce networking and just yesterday accepted a temporary full-time job for the summer working on a political campaign. I finished painting the walls of my parents's porch. I went on a few dates. I began another part of my internship (I'm sort of picking up work in random departments as there are fewer interns this summer). It's been a great month and I'm already so excited for what June brings!

Last month I made four goals for the month of May. I accomplished two of them, so I'm feeling pretty rad right now. Let's take a look:

1. Finish three sewing projects. Ah, yupp! I got three projects done, including finishing up a dress that I began sewing over a year ago. I wore it on Thursday and walked around the office feeling awesome.

2. Do not buy a single article of (new or vintage) clothing. I thought this was going well. I bought some thrift store goods as the non-profit I work for operates a chain of (kick ass) thrift shops and we had a company event at one. And so besides the thrift shop purchases, I was doing great at this. But then....Spell Designs was having a sale. And I bought a pair of velvet leopard print bell bottoms. Twenty Five Dollars, you guys! I couldn't pass up that steal. So I forfeited my May goal and bought them. And yeah, they're fab and totally worth it.

3. Try a new recipe. Yes! I made my mum a big Mother's Day meal and tried a new chicken recipe, as well as a new salad recipe. I also crafted a personal salad recipe myself.

4. Take a road trip. Not quite. I planned a road trip which will be happening in mid-June. Does that count? Not quite. We all tried to find time in May, but our schedules were insane. So, we planned a big camping trip for June and yippeee!

I'm feeling pretty good about myself with these goals. And so, here're my June goals, which hopefully I will feel equally good about come July:

1. Finish my parents's porch. As I mentioned, I finally finished painting the walls of my parents's porch. Next up, I need to sand and paint the floors, and get the rest of the furniture cleaned and moved out there. And have an electrician take a look at the outlet that's falling off the wall. And patch up all the holes that are letting critters in. Now that I've rattled all this off, it seems like a huge project. Ooops. But, my goal is to finish all of this in June!

2. Take (& pass?) my driving license test. My father never let me learn to drive, and after I legally became an adult, I was too busy with school to learn. In the past month, my friend Mike has been nice enough to take me out and teach me. I still have to master parallel parking, but then I'm ready to take my test! I've already set aside a few days to go to the DMV and try to get a testing spot.

3. Work out twice a week. I've been itching to work out lately, so I'm making it a goal. I went out for a nice bike ride yesterday and felt amazing afterwards. So, I want to work out twice a week. And this can include going on long walks or bike rides, in addition to my usual yoga and pilates.

I'm capping my June goals at three, as I'm starting my new job (and continuing my internship) and my plate will be full. But all three of these are really big and will be challenging to do in themselves! I won't lie, I'm nervous about the driving test - and if I fail, I have to wait a couple of weeks to take it again. And finding the energy (and time!) to finish up my parents's porch will be a task in itself. It's not like working out where it's just half an hour here & there, I need to set aside an entire block of time for it. Time management skills, go!

What are you hoping to get accomplished in June?


  1. Woo goals! My sister still has to get her driver's license and she'll be 21 in August so you both will be working on that next month! My main goal is start applying to full time jobs and build a "professional" website thing. Also update my blog layout. So much crap to do. Good luck with your goals!

    1. That makes me feel better about myself. I'm so embarrassed to not have my license! And it's so inconvenient. And yeah, the job thing....ugh. What do you mean my "professional" website? As in LinkedIn? You studied mass communications, didn't you? We should chat about what you're doing with that! I studied Communications for my undergrad & have considered going to grad school for it as I love COMM so much.


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