Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Friends with you

Skirt: Lily White ; Tee: old from H&M ; sparkly belt: from Guatemala ; Sandals: kids section of Penny's ; Sunglasses: $1 garage sale bin

The internet has been a struggle lately. Besides the fact that my PC has a virus, every time I hop online, I begin working. Or paying bills. Or reading the news (can I use this quick moment to express my rage over the Hobby Lobby case?????). Needless to say, the internet has not been an outlet of fun and relaxation. So I've stayed off of it as much as possible. Even blogging - because yes, I have started new posts several times, not finishing them - hasn't provided the outlet that it used too. Instead, I've been relaxing by going on bike rides, drinking chai tea lattes on patios with friends, grabbing lunch in the rain-soaked city, and re-watching Friends.

But, here I am - blogging! I thought summertime would be a great time to get back into blogging, but I'm finding myself way too restless. As it is, my mind is currently racing with things to do, emails to send, people to call, jobs to apply for, etc etc etc. This all being said, I definitely am enjoying summertime. I've been able to catch up with so many old friends - friends who bring out very wonderful things in me. I've been constantly excited. I've been focused on myself - I went on a few dates and just hated the idea of being in a relationship right now. Everything is perfect. Everything would be slightly more perfect if I had some money in the bank, but other than that - everything is perfect.

Because of the nature of my life - work work work - I have to dress moderately professional and put together most of the time. I've barely been able to wear my cut off shorts and crop tops this summer, which is a terrible tragedy (as far as wardrobe goes), instead opting for nude nylons, pencil skirts, and button downs every day. I wear this maxi skirt on days when I need to be professional but actually just want to be young and summery. I wanted to mix it up a little so I strapped on this glitzy belt (which I think is actually supposed to be braided into your hair, but then again, what do I actually know). My sister brought it back from Guatemala and never touched it, so I made it mine and up until now, never touched it. But it makes a rad belt and I think I see this much more in my belted future.

Also, as part of my promise to start incorporating jewelry into my wardrobe, I've been wearing a lot of rings lately. I bought a ring holder at a boutique several weeks ago, making them much more accessible and the last thing I see before heading out the door. So I usually slip a few on. I have a lot of fab costume cocktail rings from my grandmother and a lot of turquoise from my mother. Bright side of wearing my mother's jewelry: she didn't have to die for me to get my hands on it. Not to say that heirloom jewelry isn't the greatest, but I'd rather have a grandmother than some rad rings, mais c'est la vie. She died 16 years ago, I can't hold on to this for too long.

Bottom line: Treasure your grandmas while you can, treasure their jewelry when they're no longer on this earth.

I spent most of my evening eagerly anticipating the UPS man delivering the cat harness & leash I bought for Little Girl. It never showed, so the rest of my evening will be spent eating ice cream and mourning the walk we didn't get to go on today. I'm not a crazy cat lady, I swear. I just cannot afford a dog.

How are you Americans spending your long weekend? I completely forgot that Independence Day was on Friday, and now I'm trying to throw some plans together at the last minute. Which will probably include bringing my computer in to the Microsoft store (I can't get rid of this damn virus myself, I've tried everything), taking my cat for a walk, and drinking some beers with friends while watching fireworks.


  1. I love reading every post of yours! I've felt exactly the same that blogging hasn't really felt right recently. Also, your rings are amazing! I didn't inherit any jewelry from my grandma but instead all of her crafting things - including a vintage sewing machine and patterns - came to me, so I was very lucky! Have a fun 4th July! I'd love to see what it's like one day, as it's just another random day to us!
    lily x

  2. That is such a rad belt/ hair tie, looking forward to seeing how else you style it. Shame you're feeling restless about blogging, just got to think that everything will fall into place when its ready. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a breather every once in a while :)


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